quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

old notes.

I found a notebook I had back in 2001, almost ten years later I find that I didn't change too much. I'm a lists freak, I do lists for everything, I don't really remember writting this list, but I wouldn't change any topics... perhaps add some more.


TODAY'S LIST: "NINGUÉM MERECE" (nobody deserves it)

* Sex strike!!!
* The expression "ninguém merece"
* cross the street running and be hit on the forehead by a falling mango.
* wearing tight shoes on the graduation party of a cousin you don't even know.
* Ana Carolia's show (ana carolina is a brasilian lesbian singer)
* get hit on by women at a Ana Carolina's show
* braid root and hum... "ombreiras" (the pillows on the shoulder)
* Dragqueens with boy george visual
* old popcorn
* smelly armpits
* hair in the food
* miss condoms at the first hot date

best topic:

* At the fisrt hot date, you find out, after taking the guy's shirt off with your teeth, that he has a tattoo of a Hello Kitty inside of a huge red heart on his all fit chest..

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